About Us

Company Profile

    Princess Leisure Co.Ltd. has founded on August 29, 1994. Main business at that time was Hotel Reservation on the name of Hotel.Fast, Air Ticketing and Outbound Tours.


    In 1997, Thailand faced problem on money crisis. Hotels Reservation and Outbound Tours were slow down. The company has changed their policy to concentrate on Incoming Tours instead. New business is successful.


    In 2002, The company has made big decision to buy their own high standard coach to serve their own passengers instead of rental from supplier which was low standard. The company has added many features in their coach like adding Safety Belt, changing Expensive Fire Protection Floor, changing cloth seat to Genuine Leather seat from Germany/Spain and equipped with small massage machine in every seat. All beautiful and modern coaches have been ordered. There are 3 generations in our fleet right now namely Iriza (White body), Magelys (White body) and Starliner (Black Body)


    In 2011, there are many political crisis in Thailand. Number of our own tourists has drastically dropped. The company has decided to open coach rental department. All luxury coaches have been rented by many partners such as European Cruise Liner, Thailand Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Leading Japanese and Scandinavian companies etc..


    Car Park, Bangkok Our full roof covered 3,200 sq.meters garage has located at 22/4 Soi Chonnabot 1, Romklao 1 Road, Ladkrabang, Bangkok. It is 2 kilometers away from Suvannabhum Airport entrance.






Our company philosophy

To Provide honest,high standard,fast and accurate service.